Cocokarafine Kansai Airport

SPOT NAMECocokarafine Kansai Airport

One of many Japanese drug stores, Cocokara Fine prides itself on its hospitable provisions for its family-like customer base.

The central theme of the whole company is omotenashi – wholehearted Japanese hospitality and care for their guests. The name of the brand is included in this sense of care, “coco” comes from kokoro meaning the heart or spirit of a person, and “kara” from the Japanese word for the body, karada – Cocokara wants their customers to be healthy mentally and physically. Doesn’t that just warm your heart? Adding on top of that, kokokara is a common Japanese phrase meaning “from here on”, and in the Cocokara context it means you’ll be healthier as soon as you become a Cocokara customer.

You can find more than just prescription medicine here though, food, toiletries and all sorts of daily necessities can be bought from Japanese drug stores, including Cocokara.


Cocokarafine Kansai Airport / ココカラファイン関空出国エリア店


3F, Terminal 1, Kansai-airport


大阪府泉佐野市 泉州空港中1 関西国際空港 第1ターミナルビル3階


07:00 – 21:30


2mins walk from JR Kansai Airport Sta.
2mins walk from Nankai Kansai Airport Sta.


JR Kansai Airport (JR関西空港)
Nankai Kansai Airport (南海関西空港)