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A safe place to keep all your personal items safe – from carry on luggage and suitcases to smaller items like backpacks, or oddly shaped items like guitar cases and fishing rod cases,  Daikokuya Locker offers lockers of all sizes for holding your belongings.

Ranging between ¥100-500 depending on size, Daikokuya Locker allows you to feel carefree while they hold your belongings.

If you’re looking for somewhere to hold your items for an extended period of time, a secure room is available for between ¥1000-6000 per month.


Daikokuya Locker is a friendly option for travellers and backpackers, and even for local Japanese people on holidays! While your bags are safe, you have more freedom to go sightseeing in Osaka, visiting the zoo, aquarium, temples and shrines, and of course the shopping districts!


Locker Rates (tax inclusive)

Height + Width + depth totalling 100cm² ¥100 per day per item

※ For multiple small items like purses, it cannot exceed 10kg


Height + Width + Depth totalling 120cm² ¥150 per day per item

※For medium size items like bags, it cannot exceed 15kg


Height + Width + Depth totalling 140cm² ¥200 per day per item

※ For large items like suitcases, it cannot exceed 20kg


Height + Width + Depth totalling 160cm² ¥300 per day per item

※ For international travel and large sized items, it cannot exceed 30kg


Height + Width + Depth totalling 180cm² ¥400 per day per item

※ For extra large items, it cannot exceed 30kg


Height + Width + Depth totalling 250cm² ¥500 per day per item

※ Suitable for items like skis, or cases for large objects, including uniquely shaped objects, it cannot exceed 30kg


Daikokuya Locker / 大黒屋ロッカー


1-3-22 Taishi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi




08:00 – 20:00


2mins walk from JR Shin-Imamiya Sta.
2mins walk from  Subway Dobutsuenmae Sta.
3mins walk from Nankai Shin-Imamiya Sta.


JR Shin-Imamiya (JR新今宮)
Subway Dobutsuenmae (地下鉄動物園前)
Nankai Shin-Imamiya (南海新今宮)


¥50 off for lockers ¥300 or more!

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