Entree Marche

SPOT NAMEEntree Marche

In front of JR Osaka’s ticket booth at the Chuo entrance, you’ll find Entree Marche, a large souvenir shopping mecca.

Similar to other department style stores, Entree Marche has an amazing selection of food souvenirs. Ridiculously accessible from the station, this is where last minute souvenir shopping becomes the easiest part of your whole trip, right before you head off to fly home! Packed with an amazing array of goods, one of the standouts is the gyoza from Tenten. It is sold raw though, so you might want to make this your first pit stop instead of your last. Famous amongst locals and made in the Umeda style, these miniature sized gyoza are delicious. You can get a pack of 45 for around $20-25AUD/$15-20USD depending on currency exchange rates.
While there certainly is a big focus on food here (there’s over 35 shops here and many are restaurants! Remember to grab some takoyaki from its home town), there are also the usual assortment of Osaka-local souvenirs – Kuiadore Taro, the Osaka drum playing mascot features heavily.


Entree Marche / アントレマルシェ


5-16-1 Nishi-Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi


〒532-0011 大阪府大阪市淀川区西中島5丁目16−1 エキマルシェ新大阪


06:30 – 22:00


2mins walk from JR Shin-Osaka Sta.
2mins walk from Subway Shin-Osaka Sta.


JR Shin-Osaka (JR新大阪)
Subway Shin-Osaka (地下鉄新大阪)