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SPOT NAMEJapanese Cosplay Photo

Have you always looked at people in kimonos and thought how beautiful they look? Have you noticed how much detail goes into the fabric patterns and accessories? Now you can wear one too and have photos to remember the experience!

Japanese Cosplay Photo is a photography studio that has full stock of vintage kimonos and traditional Japanese costumes with all accessories like katanas and geisha hair accessories, and is staffed by top tier professionals.

Have your photos taken by a fashion photographer to show off your costume, and choose the option to have an international theatrical makeup artist complete your character’s look with hair and makeup. Not only will you have a great experience, but you won’t have to wait to see the final product thanks to same day printing and digital copies of the photos as well.

Japanese Cosplay Photo is family owned and operated, so you can expect the highest quality of customer service with personal touches at every stage. Staff can assist you in both Japanese and English, so don’t be afraid to ask for costume or styling changes to suit your personality and preferences.


Japanese Cosplay Photo / ジャパネーズコスプレイフォト


2-8-17 1F Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi


大阪府大阪市中央区西心斎橋2-8-17 1F


13:00 – 19:00


5mins walk from Subway Namba Sta.
7mins walk from Subway Shinsaibashi Sta.
9mins walk from JR Namba Sta.
13mins walk from Nankai Namba Sta.


Subway Namba (地下鉄難波)
Subway Namba (地下鉄心斎橋)
JR Namba (JR難波)
Nankai Namba (南海難波)


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