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Pokemon Store

‘I forgot to buy damn pretty Pikachu toy!!!!’ might be the words you’ll say as you arrive in the airport for departure. Most of us prefer to travel to other places or return back home with just a few luggages and yes, we unconsciously forget to buy some of Osaka’s best souveniers that we shouldn’t miss.

Pokemon Store is different from the Pokemon Centre in Osaka Umeda actually. It is located in the Kansai Airport Terminal 1 and fortunately, it’s still possible to bring Pikachu back to you home sweet home in time (just take note of your departure time, though!). The store offers limited edition, original toys and various Poki‐items which will be perfect gift items for your families and friends, especially to your little brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces.

This is good news for us all, we’ll all have the opportunity to stop by Pokemon store and just spend your last few coins from your pocket to buy magnificent items.

These stylish Pokky accesories are hot! Check these out!


Pokemon Store / ポケモンストアー


2F, Terminal 1, Kansai-airport


〒549-0011 大阪府泉南郡田尻町泉州空港中1 関西国際空港


07:30 – 21:00


2mins walk from JR Kansai Airport Sta.
2mins walk from Nankai Kansai Airport Sta.


JR Kansai Airport (JR関西空港)
Nankai Kansai Airport (南海関西空港)