Tsuruha Drug Sennichimae

SPOT NAMETsuruha Drug Sennichimae

A Japanese company that aims to improve daily happiness through health! Foreign passport holders can shop at the giant Tsuruha stores tax free too, could it get any better?

Tsuruha stores are spacious like no other pharmacy. You will feel healthier just by stepping inside. Founded in 1929, Tsuruha knows their stuff about health and wellbeing, but they also stock cosmetics and daily necessities.

The Sennichimae Tsuruha location is right across the road from the Bic Camera near Namba station. It’s a convenient location for when you just need to quickly pick up one or two items.


Tsuruha Drug Sennichimae / ツルハドラッグ千日前


2-11-1 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi


〒542-0074 大阪府大阪市中央区千日前2丁目11−1


09:00 – 23:00


3mins walk from Subway Namba Sta.
6mins walk from Nankai Namba Sta.
7mins walk from Subway Nipponbashi Sta.
7mins walk from Kintetsu Shinsaibashi Sta.
11mins walk from JR Namba Sta.


Subway Namba (地下鉄難波)
Nankai Namba (南海難波)
Subway Nippnbashi (地下鉄日本橋)
Kintetsu Nipponbashi (近鉄日本橋)
JR Namba (JR難波)